PolarHeart Technologies started in 2015 and have strived since then to give you the customer the best service and products we can give. We are currently based in Bloemfontein and aim to have a branch in all the major cities at the end of 2025.
We started out as a very small, but very excited company and we still are. The name Polarheart Technologies came to me Wian while I was over thinking. I wanted the word Heart in the name, because it is directly related to love and kindness. Then I added Polar to it, because it sounded awesome. The Technologies part just came naturally since we are a IT company. We believe that this name will be one of the greatest names in all households throughout South Africa.
Our slogan is actually a IT security term we learned in collage. CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) Every time I read that words I immediately get that warm welcome and safe feeling we all love. That words are also our moto for this company and what we want to give to our customers.

BulletPoint Company mission:
We strive to bring our customer the best service and quality you would want to expect. And also to be the best Tech Company in South Africa.

BulletPoint Service of the company:
We are a Tech Company that sells technology over the internet and provide a IT service to whomever needs it. We sell and provide our services across South Africa’s major cities only.
The deliveries of the products, if order from outside the City area, will be delivered using a courier company based in the nearest City. We will be doing the deliveries for the City area our self’s for a more personal relationship towards our customers. The services we provide are available through a contract or call out bases. If you need any more info, please Contact Us.

BulletPoint Duties of the company:
1. To provide our customers with the latest technologies available to us.
2. To deliver the products to you the customer.
3. To take the product to the courier if the customer is outside the City area.
4. To take the product to the customer if inside the City area.
5. To keep record of all customer purchases and their details for future use.
6. To reply to any and all customer queries were able.